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When you come to Sinsemilla in Lewiston, ME you will quickly discover you are not just in a medical cannabis store.

At Sinsemilla in Lewiston, ME we happily work with and counsel customers who are normally leery of full spectrum cannabis medicine. We believe in the natural power of medical marijuana and in the need to fully access its harmonized ingredients to maximize your medicinal benefits. Do not waste your time and money in marijuana products that are not designed for maximum medicinal benefits. If you trust our knowledge and experience, we can help you in finding the right balance to properly assist you with your chronic conditions like anxiety, insomnia,chronic pain and stomach issues. Let us help you with finding the right medical cannabis designed perfectly for you!


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117 Middle St, Lewiston, ME

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You are welcomed into a comfortable, calming environment with trustworthy, knowledgeable caregivers and staff that are dedicated to your journey to wellness. They understand using medicinal marijuana to ease your chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and more!