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August 18, 2021

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The Latest & Greatest From Sinsemilla:

Sinsemilla is excited to announce a wide variety of new strains for our medical and recreational adult-use cannabis patrons to enjoy. All of these strains are as tasty as their namesakes. Are you a chocoholic? Try a taste of our delicious dark triple chocolate flower and one-gram pre-rolls. Want a taste of your birthday every day? Our Ice Cream Cake flower and shatter is perfect for you. Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Ice Cream Sundae in both 25% and 29% THC is sure to hit the spot. Interested in wide variety? Sundae Driver delivers with flower, badder, caviar, and one gram pre-rolls. We can’t wait for you to try these new premium strains. To learn more about each one, look below!

A Taste Of Chocolate

Looking for a delicious chocolaty taste and a strong indica high that lasts all day? With Dark Triple Chocolate, you’ve got it. With a sweet chocolate mint overtone that becomes somewhat sour on exhale, this bud delivers delicious flavors. The fragrance is similar, but with an earthy herbal undertone that remains long after you’ve finished your last puff. The Dark Triple Chocolate high kicks in nearly as soon as you exhale, giving your thoughts a mood boost and sending you into a sleepy, blissful pleasure. As your mind calms, your body follows suit, leaving you completely relaxed from head to toe and completely relaxed for hours on end before lulling you into a drowsy and restful sleep.

Who Doesn’t Like Cake?

In terms of flavor, the name says it all with this bud. Ice Cream Cake has a creamy cheesy flavor with a nutty taste that persists long after you’ve finished your last puff. The scent is similar to that of the nugs themselves, with a faint pungent aroma created as they burn. The high from Ice Cream Cake is equally as lovely as the flavor, with uplifting and soothing effects that will have you resting in no time. The high begins with a surge of cerebral effects that instantly raise your mind into a state of complete bliss and relaxation, erasing any negative or racing thoughts.

Ice Cream Anyone?

Ice Cream Sundae is a well-balanced Hybrid that begins with a giddy, euphoric brain high before gradually settling into the body with a relaxing warm buzz. It’s reported by patients to be great for those who have depression, anxiety, arthritis, or nausea. It has a smooth, creamy, nutty flavor with hints of fruity candies, honey, and a little sweetness to it. This strain is a hybrid between Ice Cream and Sundae Driver. This is a wonderful afternoon Hybrid to enjoy before diving in the pool, going for a walk in the park, or doing anything relaxing

Take A Nice Drive

If you like chocolate sundaes, you’ll fall head over heals for this wonderful bud. Sundae Driver has a delicious creamy chocolate taste with a fruity exhale that is mildly fruity. Fresh soil and sweet grape candy aromas mingle with a deep chocolatey undertone that can be little pungent at times. The high from Sundae Driver is just as good as the flavor, with a soothing and elevated feeling that will have you leaning back in no time. You’ll experience a joyful onset that will flood your brain with euphoric bliss. Your body will begin to drift away as your mind soars higher, lulling you into a wonderfully relaxed condition that will have you sleeping in minutes.

Coming Soon From Sinsemilla

If you like the look of all of our delicious new flavors, we have more on the way. Get a taste of the tropics with Banana Runtz. Or perhaps a taste of Bahama Mamma? For those who like a savory flavor, we have Peanut Butter Breath on the way. How about getting all of the above and finishing it off with the hard-hitting high of Rocky Dennis. All of these and many more are coming to Sinsemilla soon. We can’t wait for you to try all of our terps. Whether you’re a medical patient visiting our Lewiston and Auburn locations or a recreational buyer visiting our storefront in Portland we’re here and excited to see you!

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