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When you enter Sinsemilla in Lewiston or Auburn, ME, you will be connected to a culture centered around the powerful benefits of premium medical cannabis to help you cope with your pain, insomnia, stomach issues, anxiety, depression, and more! You can check out our expansive menu on weedmaps Maine! We believe in the power of the plant. Which shines through in our newest Maine recreational marijuana outlet in Portland! It’s not about money or sale tactics-it’s about the Maine grown cannabis plant and its powerful medicinal properties. We believe every Maine medical marijuana cardholder deserves a cannabis product with the appropriate dosing and application method perfectly designed for them. We are dedicated to using our experience and knowledge to help them discover the best combination for them.


Cannabis Education With Sinsemilla

Sinsemilla in Lewiston or Auburn Maine, combines a passion for cultivating premium Maine medical marijuana with compassion for our patients. Some places may only care about the growing and cultivation process of Maine medical marijuana, but Sinsemilla truly cares about every step of the medical marijuana process, from seed to your home and beyond. Having our patients come back to us, reporting how much our products have helped them, truly fills our hearts and keeps us driving to providing the best cannabis money can buy.

Working closely with our patients and our community, Sinsemilla builds relationships and rapport with everyone who walks through our door. Truly and genuinely caring about the people that buy our premium cannabis products and use them for their wellness is something we do not take lightly at Sinsemilla. Sharing our knowledge and educating the folks that we interact with on a daily basis is also essential to our day-to-day operations. Maine dispensaries paved the way for cannabis growers passionate about helping each other be where we are today. Caregiver storefronts, such as Sinsemilla, have taken it to the next step in our drive to incorporate that passion into people’s ability to cope with the symptoms they may be dealing with through the use of Maine medical marijuana.

Cannabis Education With Sinsemilla
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Everyone should be familiar with their medicine, even from the cannabis plant. Learn more about Maine medical marijuana, the importance of terpenes, and why we believe in microdosing for the full benefits of medicinal cannabis.

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Rugged Roots is the valued provider of all of our in-house grown flower. With cannabis like you've never seen in a variety of strains, you won't want to miss checking out what Rugged Roots has to offer. To get started, click the link below!

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Recreation In Portland

Sinsemilla is proud to announce the opening of our Portland, ME location. Featuring our only outlet for recreational cannabis sales! Our products are some of the best in the industry. We can't wait to see you come through the door.

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Our Products

We proudly dedicate our time to all our products, and searching out and ensuring any product that does not originate in-house is only the most premium, high-quality medicinal marijuana available. We are 100% Maine Grown cannabis.

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See where to find us or how to contact us with questions. Learn how to begin your journey of finding the best medical cannabis products for your needs. We are more than just a medical marijuana store and we want to help you today.

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We are all about the love of cannabis at our Sinsemilla store in Lewiston, and Auburn, ME. Our catchphrase sums up who we are, how we feel, what we believe in, and the power of our love for this plant and all it can do for your wellness.

Everyone at Sinsemilla loves the cannabis plant and believes in its powerful benefits. We love this business and are all dedicated to the industry. We love to connect our patients to the exact medical cannabis for their needs, we love our customers, we love this business, and we LOVE Maine grown cannabis! We are all in this together; everyone deserves a fulfilled, happy, and, most of all, healthy life. We have a passion for connecting customers to Maine medical marijuana in a variety of forms and dosing; one size does not fit all. Our caregivers will take the time to work with you and find the right medical cannabis for your condition in the proper dosing to reap all the benefits of the plant, without any unwanted side effects. We let you maintain control, we are there to guide you through the discovery. We love finding the right balance of cannabis medicine for our patients’ conditions and ailments, including anxiety, pain, and insomnia.