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What is Microdosing?

Potent is a popular descriptive word within the cannabis market. While there is a place for potent, the caregivers at Sinsemilla prefer to focus more on the less is more approach with “microdosing” and medicinal marijuana. What is medical cannabis microdosing you ask? Let’s explore what microdosing is, why we believe it works, and how it might be the perfect way for you to begin the process of utilizing cannabis for medicinal use. 

Microdosing involves using low or “sub-therapeutic” doses of a chemical to activate a body response at a cellular level, without whole-body effects. The microdosing technique is helpful with medicinal cannabis, specifically THC, because it involves taking low doses of marijuana medicine, including the THC compound, to gain the benefits without the psychoactive effect. This cannabis microdosing will activate your body’s response to the THC and other compounds within marijuana, without the psychoactive side effects associated with a higher dose of THC. Lowered doses of the beneficial compounds within cannabis, like THC, can allow your body to utilize these molecules for support and balance.

For some a raised dose of a chemical actually provides the opposite effect than what they are trying to achieve by dosing themselves in the first place. A higher dose of medicinal cannabis can sometimes actually lower the positive benefits, first by possibly overwhelm and second by increasing the unwanted effects, effectively canceling out the positive ones. An increased or uncontrolled dose can decrease the benefits, while microdosing medical marijuana offers the option of control and allows for a decreased dose to increase targeted benefits. 

We believe microdosing medical cannabis is especially helpful for anxiety, depression, and stress. These difficult conditions can be especially supported with the microdosing approach because a lowered THC dose can help control the anxious or nervous effect that the THC in cannabis can sometimes bring on. Low, consistent doses of medicinal marijuana can control the body’s response to stress and anxiety. Additionally, we believe microdosing marijuana can be supportive for daily pain, the body’s reaction to daily discomfort and to promote a better night’s sleep. When you keep your THC tolerance threshold at a balanced level, it allows your body’s natural endocannabinoid system to remain healthy, balanced and sensitive-which is helpful to allow your body to properly respond to illness, injury, stress and self-repair. 

Microdosing medicinal cannabis is an excellent option for consumers new to medical marijuna and for consumers who are still getting comfortable with the idea of mainstream cannabis use. Consumers who dislike the effects THC has on them or consumers who find cannabis beneficial but wish for as little psychoactive effects as possible, find the answer in microdosing medical marijuana. Microdosing allows for medical cannabis to be a better fit for a wider range of people, needs, and conditions. Daily microdosing can provide benefits for daily living and act as a maintenance-type approach to chronic conditions, general support, and emotional balance. A microdosed approach to life can assist in days with less stress, more focus, and more success with tackling those harder days. 


It is best to work with an experienced caregiver with knowledge of microdosing. One who will take the time to explore this approach with you. Microdosing is a journey that differs for each person with their own unique needs and concerns. Every individual has their own discovery process and needs caregivers who will assist them in this process. At Sinsemilla, we are dedicated to our patients, to microdosing, and to assisting you in discovering what methods, doses, and products are best for you and your needs. Come in and talk to us today to get started.