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What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant originating in nature made up of hundreds of molecules with known medicinal value and for recreational enjoyment. These different compounds of marijuana have either psychoactive or non-psychoactive effects on the body and many known beneficial medicinal effects. Many of these compounds naturally work together to enhance or diminish the opposite effects of each other. Marijuana has been utilized for centuries for medicinal and recreational purposes. It can be cultivated and processed in a variety of ways to provide many different options of cannabis medicine. 

The make-up of compounds found in the cannabis plant differentiate plants by the type of effects each plant brings, the appearance, the smell and taste and much more and are known as varieties or strains. Different strains are thought to be the best fit for different needs. Many commonly differentiate medical or recreational marijuana by whether they are a Cannabis Sativa strain or a Cannabis Indica strain. Additionally, these two varieties can be crossbred to create many different Cannabis Hybrid strains. 


Commonly thought to be a daytime friendly strain-Sativa’s-are known for providing a buzz in the mind more than the body. Sativa cannabis strains can be useful to increase energy, boost mood, and provide clarity and focus to your day. Sativa’s are often utilized for a creative boost, to increase energy in a social situation, and to support surviving the day. Sativa’s are also found by some to be helpful with pain. Once the evening arrives, an Indica cannabis strain is a favorite for many. Indica’s can bring the body and mind-associated buzz that brings you relaxation and the couch melting qualities many associate with marijuana. Indica strains can sometimes be found useful for sleep, anxious moods, and tired, tense and sore body’s. Hybrid cannabis strains are more common as crossbreeding increases and access to strains that are purely sativa or indica decreases. Hybrid’s can be useful because they are created to target specific needs and preferred body and mind effects. 


Some caregivers focus on the different strains as the basis for choosing which marijuana medicine is best for specific wants and needs. Some caregivers, like those here at Sinsemilla, believe there is so much more to it than that, and believe the emphasis is on the other molecules and compounds, such as terpenes, and in how a patient chooses to dose their medicinal marijuana. To learn more about why we think terpenes are the real game changer in your medicinal cannabis read our terpenes blog. To learn about our experienced microdosing approach to cannabis medicine read our microdosing blog.


Cannabis may begin as a plant, but cannabis medicine comes from processing the plant into its final medicinal form. The marijuana plant is grown, then harvested, then dried. Once dried it reaches its first of many forms of methods of administration — smokeable flower — this age old tradition is made up of dried leaves and flowers that are heated and smoked. This can be done with a variety of accessories for smoking cannabis, all easily accessed at Sinsemilla’s shop. A caregiver can assist you in choosing which accessory might be best for you. Cannabis can be further processed into a variety of medicinal forms for consumption or ingestion. Cannabis concentrates are a popular way to maximize the dosing of medical marijuana with less product. Marijuana concentrates can be vaped or smoked, or ingested in tincture or extract form. Concentrates can also be added to food and drink to create marijuana edibles. Another popular product that is sometimes created with medical cannabis is CBD. CBD is a concentrated form of marijuana or hemp that isolates certain compounds of the plant and strips away the rest. 

A caregiver at Sinsemilla can guide you to which type of medicinal cannabis product might be best for your needs. Different strains, terpenes, and methods of administration complement and support different needs and desired effects. Many find cannabis to be not only a beneficial, but pleasurable addition to their life. We always recommend enlisting the support and guidance of an experienced caregiver with high-quality cannabis before consuming medical marijuana. Come in to see us to begin today.