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Maine Cannabis is Grown in Rugged Roots

Sinsemilla: A Successful Maine Cannabis Business

When you think of true, quality, homegrown cannabis originating in Maine, Rugged Roots is one of the kickoff brands that has thrived throughout the trying times of Maine Medical Cannabis regulations. Sinsemilla, the caregiver storefront for the Rugged Roots Cannabis brand, is a well-known, reputable, welcoming environment–no matter if you’re visiting the Lewiston or Auburn storefront locations. Rugged Roots & Sinsemilla are proud to be Maine grown and funded from the ground up, throughout all of their past, present, and future operations–including the upcoming Portland Recreational Adult-Use storefront!


More Than Just Our Cannabis Roots Run Deep

The founders and owners of Rugged Roots & the Sinsemilla brand are a pair of business-savvy partners who put their strategic minds, love for the cannabis plant, and savings together to create what we now have as one of the most well-known, thriving, Maine-grown, small cannabis businesses. With the difference in skillset that these partners bring to the table, they were able to creatively assemble a tight-knit crew who has worked together over the last four years to both proactively and reactively battle the struggles that the cannabis industry in Maine has faced thus far to remain not only successful but truly a thriving business in a competitive industry.


Understanding What It Takes To Thrive in Small Business

When you combine business education, corresponding years of experience, and a true passion for something that benefits the lives of others in your community in the way that cannabis does, you have the secret recipe for creating a company that will stand up against most any obstacle. The true core of the Rugged Roots name is working together, effectively communicating, believing in one another, understanding that no idea is too big or small, and not being afraid to face the hard challenges head-on. Our team is truly a family, dedicated to maintaining a small, Maine-based business model as we continue to grow with the Maine cannabis industry.


Dedication to Quality & ExperienceRugged Roots Maine Cannabis

When you indulge in a product from our Rugged Roots grow, you can be sure that what you are enjoying is clean, quality, potent, and grown with love by Maine people. Our products are sold through our valued wholesale partnerships throughout the state by other reputable small Maine cannabis businesses. With that being said, we are very dedicated to creating a memorable customer experience at all of our storefront locations and are committed to working with other businesses who live up to the same standard. We want you to not only love our Maine-grown products but also to love our Maine-backed and funded caregiver and (coming soon) recreational retail storefront locations. We love to educate our customers on the products that will be best for their needs and make you feel comfortable and welcome during your time at Sinsemilla–always wanting to return again.


Getting Down to the Roots

At the end of the day, the folks behind the Rugged Roots grow and the Sinsemilla name are proud to be Maine-owned and operated from the ground up, serving people around the state quality products grown right here in the 207. While the exponential growth of a small cannabis business operated in and funded from Maine can seem unreal based on the potential setbacks that this industry faces and the amount of intense competition throughout the state, but Sinsemilla is proof that with a strategic business mindset, a passion for your product, and a willingness to take risks–booming in the small Maine cannabis industry is more than possible!

You can check Sinsemilla out today at either our Lewiston or Auburn caregiver storefront locations!