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Cannabis Brings Veterans Opportunity

While cannabis is not a one size fits all option, it has brought goodness to many who utilize it — both professionally and medicinally. Cannabis is boosting the economy, bringing countless job opportunities, providing wellness to its consumers, and enriching the lives of those involved with it. Many cannabis businesses happily work with veterans both to provide them medicinal support, and to provide employment opportunities in an industry that is often a perfect fit for their skills. A number of thriving cannabis businesses are also owned and operated by veterans as well, just like us!


Sinsemilla is an equal opportunity employer always and our number one requirement is a passion for the cannabis plant and someone who deserves a job.

However, we also love to hire veterans who meet that criteria because as a veteran owned business we recognize the value of military bestowed work ethics and values. We are grateful for each and every one of our employees, everything they bring to our business, and how well they care for our customers. We consider bringing job opportunities to be an important part of all we hope to represent within our community. We also work to benefit the community and our veterans through outreach, such as donations, Sinsemilla’s Homes for Vets and more. We are not alone in that, many of the other local wonderful cannabis business’s work to help our veterans — such as our friends at Hive — who do a wonderful job supporting veterans and the community.

Medicinally, cannabis can be a beneficial support for veterans. Veterans often suffer from many of the struggles that others find cannabis supports, such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. The suicide rate among this country’s veterans is astonishing. Our veterans need guidance, support, and access to knowledgeable caregivers with quality products. The federal government is slowly making moves to explore THC and CBD use with veterans, but it’s still a slow process that often leaves veterans leery of loss of VA benefits and other VA access to care complications from attempting more natural medicinal support. 


Medicinal cannabis use for veterans suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety and other concerns can sometimes be like balancing on a tightrope.

Sometimes the same struggles you are looking for support for can be triggered with incorrect dosing and product choices. Cannabis is not a cure all that fits every need. Working with a passionate and knowledgeable shop like Sinsemilla is important. Our caring staff will be there to help guide you through the process. From finding the right dosage, the right strains, the right products to whether cannabis is the right choice for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help — don’t get trapped in the unnecessary shame from the stigma on mental illness. The act of taking the first steps to come in and chat with us about taking control of your health and wellness is often empowering. We approach our customer care with a no pressure, here to help and educate approach.

Our mission here at Sinsemilla of the importance of microdosing specifically aligns with quality cannabis care for veterans. Sinsemilla Maine MarijuanaMicrodosing takes a controlled approach to medicinal cannabis with a focus on how to use cannabis for your best medicinal results, at the right dose level. Start low and go slow and find your perfect targeted dose, strain, and product. This can prevent issues with identifying your THC threshold and prevent going from THC helping to THC making things worse for you. Sometimes CBD is a better option, or the right combination for you may involve both. 

We equally feel that other areas of focus are important for our veterans especially in addition to their cannabis medicine regimen. Diet and exercise are important for mental, emotional, and physical struggles. Additionally, taking care of your body and exercising will increase clearer communication between the cannabinoid receptors that exist in your body and the cannabis medicine you feed them. Veterans come into our store dealing with struggles, often coping with mental illness, or PTSD that affects their daily lives. We want to be here to help them to the best of our ability, even if that sometimes means identifying that cannabis is not the answer for them. We have a passion for this plant, and that includes being able to honestly say it is not the answer for everyone.


In addition to the wellness opportunity cannabis can bring, it’s also an industry full of opportunities for professional growth and bright futures for veterans and their families.

Both the fast growing craft brewery and cannabis industries here in Maine provide wonderful opportunities for successful careers in a younger demographic base, something Maine often lacks. The cannabis industry is growing quickly and bringing countless job opportunities to local veterans and their families. The cannabis industry provides promise for those under 40 and specifically for veterans ready to build a future. The military experience molds veterans into a perfect fit for what a successful cannabis business or position within a cannabis company requires.

Owning and operating a cannabis business requires an individual who is organized, disciplined, and thrives on structure. All of these traits are present in those with military experience. The fast paced, scheduled industry often requires every minute of the day to be accounted for with organized structure and never ending motivation. There is no blueprint, we are all pioneering this industry and cannabis provides a place for a veteran to build a future and belong. Veterans thrive on leadership whether by being the leader or part of the team and the cannabis world provides that. A main component of cannabis is the growing aspect. At its most basic form growing is gardening and gardening is structure and schedule. Failure is not an option when growing, all the pieces are important and must be done well, that growth is the whole of the business. Premium focus on premium growing results in premium products. 


Cannabis offers hope for our veterans. Hope for a brighter professional future, hope for better health and wellness, hope for having a place to belong, a focus for your energy, and a future for your family.

The cannabis world offers a place where veterans fit both medicinally and professionally. At Sinsemilla we are passionate about cannabis and that passion makes us successful because we love what we do, we love our customers, and we work hard to bring opportunity to our community, including our veterans. Come and explore the opportunity of cannabis with us today!