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Come see the staff of Sinsemilla in Lewiston and Auburn, ME, to gain knowledge of what quality medical marijuana can do for you. There are many factors that can help determine what strains and consumption methods are best for you. Our well-educated staff can help you find the right products and provide you with useful information on terpenes, why the proper dosing can make a difference in your results, and so much more!



At Sinsemilla in Lewiston and Auburn, ME, we happily work with all types of customers and counsel customers who are generally leery of full-spectrum cannabis medicine. We believe in the natural power of medical marijuana and the genuine need to access its harmonized ingredients to maximize your medicinal benefits fully. We believe in the power of arming our customers with the information they need to make informed choices on their cannabis care. Knowledge is empowering; we love to educate our customers.

Check out our informational articles below for some medicinal cannabis knowledge right from your computer, tablet, or smartphone!

Sinsemilla Maine Cannabis

Sinsemilla and Maine Cannabis

Sinsemilla Educational Blog Sinsemilla and Maine Cannabis Going Back to Our Roots: What Does Sinsemilla Mean? At Sinsemilla, we are proud cultivators of premium, craft

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Cannabis Concentrates with Sinsemilla

Exploring Types of Concentrates

Sinsemilla Educational Blog Exploring Types of Concentrates The cannabis plant has been used medicinally and for recreation for years with astounding results. Plant medicine has

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maine cannabis edibles

Maine’s Finest Cannabis Edibles

Discover Maine’s Finest Cannabis Edibles Today! Sinsemilla’s Edible Marijuana Selection At Sinsemilla, we are proud to partner with well-known brands and other local dispensaries to

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Our Why

At Sinsemilla, we have a passion for cultivating only the best in premium, medical and recreational cannabis for the consumers of the Maine cannabis industry. We focus on our customers and ensuring their satisfaction is number one. We aim to provide not only the best in cannabis products, but also the best in customer service. At Sinsemilla, we truly dedicate ourselves to every step of the medical marijuana, and recreational processes. Our staff is sincere, and full of knowledge we’re eager to share with you. We offer Sinsemilla as a safe space for all of our customers and patients. We love hearing about your wellness journeys and seeing how our cannabis and products has improved your quality of life! Visit Sinsemilla today, let us help you find care through cannabis!

Sinsemilla Maine Marijuana

Our Mission

Learn about our #AllLove catchphrase. We believe in our mission of premium medical marijuana at the right dosage for each and every patient. Stop into one of our medical cannabis storefronts today! Find us in Lewiston, Auburn, and now our new state of the art recreational facility in Portland!
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Sinsemilla Maine Marijuana

Our Products

See our range of premium, 100% Maine Grown medical cannabis products. Explore the variety of dosing and application methods available for every need. With a wide variety of premium strains, delicious concentrates, and even CBD products, Sinsemilla is guaranteed to have something for everyone!
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Sinsemilla Maine Marijuana

Sinsemilla Portland

Sinsemilla is proud to announce our new recreational cannabis storefront! As of 2022, anyone 21 years or older can now come visit us in Portland, Maine and try our top of the line products! We are excited to share the Sinsemilla name with all members of the cannabis community!

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Sinsemilla Maine Marijuana

Rugged Roots

Rugged Roots is an esteemed grower of some of our in-house grown cannabis. Rugged Roots specializes in turning your cannabis flower into quality concentrates with high THC content and unique terpene profiles. Trust Rugged Roots as your go to for all your cannabis extraction needs! Browse Rugged Roots

Sinsemilla Maine Marijuana

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Contact us today to learn more, ask questions, or get assistance from a caregiver to find the right medicinal marijuana product for your needs. We take pride in educating our patients and providing them with accurate and useful knowledge. Never hesitate to stop by or give us a call.
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